Rule And Regulations

The Institute discipline and the rules required to be followed by students are given in succeeding paras. The students of the Institute are expected to : adhere to these rules and any breach of these rules shall be viewed seriously and may make student liable of expulsion. 

1. Maintain discipline and peaceful atmosphere.

2. Be courteous & polite to the fellow students, staff members and to the outsiders visiting the Institute.

3. Be regular and punctual in attending the classes, any student having less then 75% attendance shall not be allowed to art for examination.

4. Not to instigate the fellow students to indulge in any unlawful activities.

5. Not to disturb other students when the class is in progress by way of making a noise or asking irrelevant questions. Normally reserve questions or doubts to be asked towards the end of the period or for tutorial classes.

6. Not to cause damage to the Institute property or the property of the fellow students.

7. Not to indulge in malpractice during internal tests and not to be absent from such tests.

8. Not to indulge in any type of unlawful activities in the Institute by way of giving provocative speeches, arranging unauthorized meetings, causing physical violence, or any other activity.

9. Make it a habit to see the Notice board for keeping well informed about various happening and activities taking place in Institute.

10. Project problems or suggestions if any in writing through the Lecturer in-charge.

11. Take active part in extra curricular activities as these as meant for all round development.

12. Pay the Institute fees or any other dues in time or face the penalty.

13. Not to resort to ragging of junior students.

14. Not to chew pan or bubble gum etc. While attending classes.

15. Not to be improperly dressed in the classes.

16. The Administration is authorised by the Board to amend the General rules and regulations of the Institute as demanded by the situation.

17. As given above, all disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Meerut City.